A Letter to

The Valiant Equestrian

Why the valiant equestrian?

You want to build a bond with your horse

I remember when I was 13 years old, frightened to get on my own horse because I lacked the means and resources to bond with him.

After a vigorous winter and a drawn-out spring, I climbed into the saddle and took a deep breath. Though I assumed confidence that day, I had no one to help me along the way.

This subscription box has been crafted in such a way, that equestrians, such as yourself, will always be gallant – even through rigorous trials and hardships.

what makes the box?

The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box is a quarterly subscription to which the box will be sent out every 3 months for $150/3 months or $500/year.

This box features a variety of equestrian lifestyle products that will aid the everyday equestrian in living life to the absolute fullest.

The Valiant Equestrian team focuses on supporting small businesses and aspiring equestrians, to offer signature pieces, resulting in a box that you’ll love and cherish!

What’s your quest?

The valiant equestrian

Subscription Box

“I’m incredibly excited to offer this brand new subscription box as the thought of helping other equestrians is exhilarating, to say the least.

Wanting nothing more than to see you succeed in whatever you put your mind to – that’s what this box is all about.

I know that you’ll love and cherish each and every box!” ~ Laura Elsie Grace

I feel so deeply that every equestrian must find their own path… why be anything when you could be great?
Founder, Laura Elsie grace
quarterly subscription box

quarterly subscription box
5-7 items per box
$200+ value per box

annual subscription

$100 discount off the price of 4 boxes
quarterly subscription box
5-7 items per box
$200+ value per box