How to Deal with Your Period as an Equestrian

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there: climbing onto the lesson horse, sweat beading on your brow while sliding into the saddle. It’s your heavy day and you’re about to participate in an hour-long lesson – yikes. Checking for a leak every couple of minutes while your trainer has their back to you isn’t ideal, so in this post, I’ll be talking about how to deal with your period as an equestrian!

The only thing I had going for me was the fact that I was wearing black breeches. It was my heavy day and I climbed into a saddle that wasn’t mine. On top of it? No stirrups work. On top of that? Gridwork. Let’s just say that I was more than a lil stressed out. Only by the grace of God did I make it out of there before experiencing the embarrassment of running/waddling to the bathroom.

How to deal with your period as an equestrian

Lessons should be nothing less than fun and exciting so why should we go through unnecessary anxiety? Without further ado, here are 6 ways to deal with your period as an equestrian!

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Wear dark breeches!

As I mentioned before, dark breeches are the best way to hide any potential stains. Periods are notorious for embarrassing you, despite you taking every precaution known. Your cycle itself is nothing to be self-conscious about, however, no one wants a visible bloodstain on their pants. Wearing dark breeches can mask said stains better than tan! Though I own the old style, these Noble Outfitters riding leggings are my absolute favorite (as pictured) to wear while on my period!

Take pain medicine!

It’s not uncommon to experience cramps which can make lessoning a pain – literally. I too, struggle with harsh cramps during my cycle. Take your recommended dosage of pain killers 30 minutes before your lesson to ditch any unnecessary discomfort (make sure you have your parents/guardians supervision if you’re under 18).

Stay hydrated!

Drinking water can and will help ease cramps and bloating. There’s absolutely nothing worse, in my opinion, than trying to fit into your skin-tight breeches while your stomach feels like it’s twice its size. Bloating is completely normal, but is NOT fun nevertheless. If you’re like me and have a hard time drinking enough water, I recommend looking into these liquid IVs which will keep you hydrated!

Communicate with your trainer

While a lot of girls might feel uneasy talking about their periods, communicating that you need to take a quick break from your lesson to head to the restroom will save a lot of stress. I, myself, will usually hop off the horse while my trainer is preoccupied with re-arranging the jumps and poles. Your trainer wants you to feel comfortable and will be happy to let you have a break.

Wear the right underwear for you!

Let me be completely honest here: I have my nice, seamless underwear that I wear on the daily, and then I have my period underwear… typically full coverage and dull colors. Make sure that you’re wearing sturdy undergarments so you don’t have to worry about your pad sliding around as well. Check out this pair for extra protection!

Double up!

Wearing a tampon as well as a pad is a sure way to stay leak free throughout your entire lesson! Personally, I’m NOT a fan of tampons, but when I absolutely have to use one, I find that the U by Kotex is pretty comfortable.

You don’t have to hold your breath, waiting for the dreaded moment when your period arrives anymore! Following all of these tips and tricks will ensure just another typical day at the barn 😉

Be sure to comment any tips that YOU might have that will help other equestrians out!

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