Ways to Save Money as an Equestrian!

It’s no secret that horses are exceptionally pricey at times… even more so when you, the rider, need equipment as well. In this post, I’ll be talking about ways to save money as an equestrian!

Horses do an outstanding job of constantly fluctuating the monthly costs. And Whether you’re a young equestrian who doesn’t quite have a job yet, or an equestrian with other bills to pay, we’ve all been there!

I remember when I was 13 years old, begging my parents for a horse. But while my sisters already had horses, there wasn’t a lot of room in the budget to add a third. I despairingly jotted down every single idea I had on how we could, indeed, afford to keep another. Eventually, I succeeded in the task and brought home my first horse… however, I’m sure my parents didn’t use a single ‘money saving’ idea haha.

Ways to save money as an equestrian

Like my 13 year old self, lot’s of equestrians desperately look for solutions to their money problems, but oftentimes come up empty handed. Here are ways to save money as an equestrian!

Work to Ride!

Lots of barns offer programs where you can participate in barn chores (i.e. mucking out stalls, turning out horses) while being compensated for lesson credit. If your barn doesn’t offer said program, still look into discussing the possibility with your current barn manager OR start taking lessons at a new barn. Lesson costs can add up fast.

Invest in necessary supplements

This may seem counter-productive, however, you’ll spend LESS money upkeeping your horse rather then letting things build up. Let’s say that your horse has a ‘reputation’ with his hooves… always pulling shoes, is always sore, etc. And you’re constantly calling the farrier and vet out, ending the visits with a “Same time next week?” “…You know it!” It’s awful, we hate it.

Instead, invest in some quality (cheaply made products won’t work and you’ll end up spending MORE) supplements that will aid in hoof growth and strength. I personally have my horse on double strength farriers formula and just ordered some Keratex (a topical solution).

Be sure to consult your farrier and vet on the best supplements for your horse!

Shop second-hand!

It’s often times unreal how expensive equestrian products can be. I know having the luxury of those products is, well… luxurious! However, we need to start thinking strategically and realistically. There are plenty of quality saddles, blankets, breeches, etc. on Facebook marketplace and in consignment shops!

Whenever you know you’re going to be in need of something relatively soon, go ahead and keep an eye out. I, myself, have always bought my saddles second-hand which has saved a lot of money!

Share expenses!

It’s inevitable that you WILL have the vet out and you WILL have to pay for more lessons.

Start sharing farm calls: if it’s time for your horses autumn vaccinations, ask around when other boarders are having the vet out and see if you can share the appointment. Often times, they’ll be happy to knock a dime or two off the the invoice. Plus, I find that the farm call is usually the most expensive part of the bill. Same goes for farrier visits.

Start group lessons: private lessons are fantastic, don’t get me wrong. That being said, they are quite a bit pricier than group or semi-private lessons. If you feel like you won’t get your moneys worth in a group setting, ask your trainer and a friend if you can start doing joint-lessons.

Shop sales!

I know seeing the latest equestrian gear is exciting; nevertheless, save your money and keep an eye out for good sales! If your horse absolutely demolished his blanket this past winter, buy him a new one as soon as they go on sale in the springtime. It may feel ridiculous to purchase something so far in advanced, but future you will thank you kindly.

Personally, I shop at Dover Saddlery as I find that they always run good sales (+ have a good return policy). Pay attention to sales and buy necessities when they become available!

And there ya have it, folks! Luckily there are plenty of ways to save money as an equestrian, you just have to be on the lookout!

Be sure to let me know what your favorite money saving tips and tricks are!

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