Exciting Things to do with Your Horse THIS Summer!

As the sun starts to come out and the days get longer, it’s time to start planning some festivities! In this post, I’ll be talking about some exciting things to do with your horse this summer!

It was the summer of 2017. I was turning 14 and wanted to do something extra special for my June Birthday; and considering that it was my first Birthday with my horse, Legend, I definitely wanted to include him in the plans.

Seeing that we kept him on an old man’s private property at the time, I decided that I wanted to trailer Legend to an arena. But… with a little twist. It was going to be a groovy day at the barn ; -)

As we trailered him to the arena,

I was sitting on the edge of my seat with excitement the entire time. Thereupon arrival, we hopped out of the car and tacked up – not forgetting our tie dye saddle pad, sunglasses, and braids. Legend and I made our way to the arena, immediately whipping out the camera to film our Groovy Music Video (but if you watch it, keep mind that I was a very chaotic 14 year old LOL).

I’ll never forget the joy that settled around me as we laughed and danced together; and honestly, it’s one of my fondest memories. All in all, I was just a happy little teenager, and that’s what really matters!

My point is… do something memorable this summer! It doesn’t have to be ridiculous like making a groovy music video, but get out and do something different for a change.

Exciting Things to do with Your Horse THIS Summer
Here are some exciting things to do with your horse this summer!

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Invite a friend to the barn!

Every summer, I try to invite a non-equestrian friend or family member to the barn! Barn time can start to feel more like a routine rather than your sport or hobby; however, bringing an excitable friend to the barn will remind you of that once-thrilling horse girl enthusiasm!

If safe to do so, let your friend lead your horse, groom, and even ride! It’s always the highlight of my week when people get to interact with these animals – and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

And hey, don’t forget to take pictures and videos!

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Start a YouTube or TikTok with your Horse!

I might be partial seeing that I grew up on YouTube, but I think you should also give it a go! And as I said before, making those whack little videos are my favorite memories ; -)

Whether you take it seriously and try to grow your account, or you simply want to make videos for the fun of it… DO IT! If YouTube, you can make videos like your barn routine, barn vlogs, or challenges; whereas if you start a TikTok, you can still do those ideas and/or dancing and skits!

Seriously, if you want exciting things to do with your horse this summer, this is it!

Paint your Horse!

Okay, since we’re on the YouTube trend, I’ll admit that I shot a “Following a Bob Ross Tutorial on My Horse” video a couple of years ago. Honestly… 10/10 recommend!

Grab some non-toxic finger paint from Walmart or Target and head over to the barn! There’s a solid chance that your horse won’t appreciate the paint at first, but see if they’ll give it a chance ; -)

If you’re worried about about skin irritation, you can always put a small glob on your horse and let it sit for a bit before you turn your horse into a walking canvas. Trust me, it’ll be a blast!

Following a Bob Ross Tutorial on My Horse!
painting theo for our video haha

*I’m not responsible for any injuries that might occur*

Recreate Your Pinterest Board!

Definitely don’t know about you, but Pinterest is >>>

I could seriously scroll through it all day. And if you feel the same, why not make it a goal to recreate some of your favorite photos… but with your horse?? You don’t have to recreate photos with horses already in them, but any photo, really! Just have to get creative!

You could try one of those aesthetic picnics, or lifestyle photos (a tennis court would be precious if you have the resources!), or cute barefoot + bareback photos!

Make an Obstacle Course!

As someone who doesn’t ride very often, an obstacle course is always a fun option! If your barn doesn’t already have a course, you can make your own with jumps, barrels, pool noodles, and tarps!

Not only are obstacle courses entertaining, they’re also great for desensitizing and taking a mental break from your typical barn routine. These courses don’t have to be limited to the arena, you could also do them out in the field or wherever you think would be most peaceful : D

Horse Obstacle Course
theo and I at an obstacle course, circa 2020

Plan a Spa Day!

Ahh what is summer without a relaxing spa day? If you don’t already have the supplies, run to your tack store and pick up some nice shampoo and conditioner, as well as show sheen and hoof dressing!

Start by giving your horse a nice groom, and then whip out your shampoo and conditioner, plus a sponge, in the wash stall. Personally I have to go the extra mile and give my boy a nice, sleek hair cut while I’m at it – but something like a running braid on your horse’s mane would be fabulous!

Finish it off with some nice hoof polish (and don’t forget to take pictures)!

Do a 30 Day Challenge!

Want something exciting to do with your horse this summer? Well there’s nothing more exciting than a little challenge to get the adrenaline going – okay, it’s probably not going to be one of those challenges.

There are plenty of challenges you could participate in depending on what you’re interested in! You could shoot for a fitness challenge over at The Fit Equestrian or a riding challenge such as only bareback for a month.

You could also do a photo shoot challenge! Sign up for my newsletters below and get your copy of my 30 Day Equestrian Photo Challenge!

Teach Your Horse to Always Face You!

When I first bought my horse, Theo, he had been put on the back burner for awhile resulting in a decline of ground manners. Not that it was a shock… however, my first horse, Legend, had been taught to always face me so Theo was definitely an adjustment.

If you’ve never been around horses who have been trained to face you, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! Not only does it improve safety, it makes for a respectable horse.

Start with teaching good lunging manners and tight circles – you’ll get it in no time!

Bring a delicious treat!

Our horse’s do so much for us so it wouldn’t hurt to bring a nice treat every once in awhile! And whether it’s just a couple of apples, or handmade treats, your horse will love it.

For the summertime, consider making your horse a popsicle. You can freeze Gatorade or blend some watermelon and pop it in the freezer – perfect for a nice, hot summer day!

Have an Editorial Photoshoot!

Last, but certainly not least: have an editorial photoshoot!

“Editorial photography is a type of photography that aims to tell a story or portray a concept. Editorial photography is commonly found in magazines, newspapers, editorial features, and journalism.” ~ Kyle Deguzman

There are so many possibilities for this activity… it’s really just up to your imagination! You could go for a business casual shoot, intense makeup (paint your horse to match), or an arrangement of flowers.

All in all, bring a friend or family member out to the barn with you and snap those jaw-dropping photos!

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Exciting Things to do with Your Horse THIS Summer
remember to drink water :))
Exciting things to do with your horse this summer? endless possibilities.

I don’t know about you… but I absolutely love summer. The coolest part? There are endless possibilities to the activities you could participate in.

And hey, we’re not promised another summer (cliché, I know) so pleaseeee make this one the BEST one yet!

All the best,

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