The Best Equestrian Attire for Summer!

Being an equestrian can be tricky in the summertime; layers upon layers of clothing. Not to mention the fact that it’s an outdoor sport. In this post. I’ll be talking about the best equestrian attire for summer!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE summer! All of the bright green plants, sunshine and swimming; and the best part? Absolutely no coldness. That being said, when you’re wearing breeches, knee-high socks, tall boots, a helmet and gloves… well that isn’t quite so enjoyable either.

I remember one time in the summer of 2018: I had finished my ride on my first horse, Legend, and boy was I HOT! I quickly untacked and started on the venture of taking Legend back to his pasture (which was a solid 25 light years away from the barn).

I’m not even kidding when I say that I almost passed out from the heat… so much so that I plopped right down in the grass and had to take a breather for awhile. I survived, but point is, find some good, breathable attire and DON’T wear thick, full seat breeches that will place you on the verge of a heat-stroke D- :

the best equestrian attire for summer

Anyways, without further ado… here is the best equestrian attire for summer!

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The best attire for summer starts with Breeches:

Now, I love some good ol’ handy dandy full seat breeches; however, you better be prepared to make quick work of your rides – especially if you live in the south like me.

Instead, find some with lightweight and high quality fabric, silicone grip, and sock bottoms. Light-colors will also help, but dark colors will hide any sweat stains – it’s really a preference!

Here are some of my favorites that are PERFECT for warm weather!

Equipad Equestrian:

Personally, these Equipad breeches are a 10/10 for me! Super high-quality (my pairs still look brand new after a year) and so many new, fun colors! High-waisted with moisture-wicking fabric, these make for the perfect summer breeches!

the best equestrian attire for summer
*all rights reserved to Equipad Equestrian*

I love a good Kerrits Breech. Seriously so comfortable and they’re definitely my go-to on the hottest day! These Affinity Ice Fil Knee Patch breeches possess high tech fabric that will keep you cool, as well as a stain and dirt resistant exterior. Run – don’t walk – and snatch ya a pair!

the best equestrian attire for summer
*all rights reserved to Kerrits*

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You can’t even tell me these aren’t a good-looking pair of breeches – I won’t believe you. With “ClimateTEK for dynamic and temperature regulated cooling” and “Moisture Movement Technology™ that wicks away moisture from skin” these Ariat Tri Factor Breeches will definitely NOT be the reason you overheat this summer!

the best equestrian attire for summer
*all rights reserved to Ariat*

Sun Shirts and Tops:

Your shirts are just as important for keeping you cool. Though, sometimes it can be difficult to find that perfect sun shirt: one that isn’t too loose, but not too tight, or the stretchiness of the fabric, etc.

Much like breeches, your tops colors also play a role. To keep cooler, wearing light-colored tops is probably the direction you want to head; however, though dark colors attract the sun, they’re also good at hiding sweat stains.

At the end of the day, it’s whatever you’re partial too!

Noble Outfitters:

Let me tell ya: I live, sleep, breathe, and eat in my Noble Outfitters sun shirt (not actuallyyyy) but it’s so comfortable on those hot and humid summer days. The silhouette of the Ashley sun shirt makes for a classy and flattering fit!

the best equestrian attire for summer
*all rights reserved to Noble Outfitters*

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The Fit Equestrian:

This “Short Sleeve Seamless Riding Top” has got to be one of the most flattering tops out there… not to even mention the qualityyyy! With a variety of color and size options, this top by The Fit Equestrian is a MUST HAVE !!

Use my code: “LAURA” for 10% off your entire order! : -)

The Fit Equestrian
*all rights reserved to The Fit Equestrian*
The Tailored Sportsman:

The summer of 2020 was when I got my first The Tailored Sportsman top – I don’t think I’ll purchase anything else haha! Now, the sleeveless tops are so flattering, but if you’re a sleeve-kinda-gal, then I love their long sleeve tops as well. They say: “…The effect makes your skin surface temperature feel up to 5° cooler.”

the best equestrian attire for summer
*all rights reserved to The Tailored Sportsman*

Socks and Accessories!

The best equestrian attire for summer doesn’t just involve breeches and tops; finding the perfect pair of socks is crucial but difficult at best.

And let’s face it: there are so many different accessories and attributes to being an equestrian that we spend entirely way too much time scrolling through sales pages and reading reviews. Nevertheless, I have put in the work and put in the hours so you don’t have to ; -)

Dreamers and Schemers

These Dreamers and Schemers socks are always a fan favorite… with so many fun colors and designs, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a pair that matches your own style and energy! Also, while the sun is out, you gotta be prepared to show off those socks the moment you pull your big, heavy boots off!

Equestrian Socks
*all rights reserved to Dreamers and Schemers*

Unbelts was one of the first brands that I ever worked with back in the day… and they’re still an all-time favorite of mine! These one-size-fits-all belts are made to last – not to mention the never-ending array of colors !! Seriously, if you’re looking for that perfect summer belt: this is it.

Unbelts for Equestrians
*all rights reserved to Unbelts*

I have never heard a single bad thing about these Roeckl Riding Gloves. With lightweight and flexible fabric, – not to mention the sleek style – these make for the perfect pair of summer riding gloves!

Roeckl Riding Gloves
*all rights reserved to Roeckl*

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Whew, that was a doozy! Now, as we go into summer, it’s important to start looking for attire that floats your boat now… that way you’re not overwhelmed in JUNE when you have way too much to look for and it’s already 175 degrees outside ; -)

And there you have it, folks: the best equestrian attire for summer! Be sure to comment down below what your favorite pieces are!

All the best,

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