Fun Things to do with Your Horse this Spring!

After a long winter of trudging through cold rain and knee-high mud, it’s always nice to plan some peaceful activities to do with your horse as the weather warms up! In this post, I’ll be talking about fun things to do with your horse this spring!

I don’t know about you, but I definitely get those winter blues. However, as soon as the weather starts to warm up and the sun comes out: instant happiness 110% !! That being said, spring always brings some not-so-enjoyable things… like shedding ponies.

I remember the spring of 2019 very clearly. My horse, Theo, was shedding out his winter coat and I decided to aid him in that process… so whipping out a curry comb, I got to work. Now, when I’m concentrated I tend to bite my lip and given that I have braces, I think you can see where this is going : -)

After a few minutes I put down my brush to get some water, only to realize I had a Theo hair in my mouth (so gross). Thereupon pulling said hair out of my mouth, my sister, Hannah, pointed out that I indeed, had not one… but several Theo hairs wrapped around my brackets. Nice.

I probably shouldn’t even tell y’all this story, but it has haunted me since. Definitely a good reminder to keep my mouth closed while grooming LOL

Fun things to do with your horse this spring

I personally love springtime (despite that nightmare-ish occurrence)! So without further ado, here are fun things to do with your horse this spring!

Have a picnic!

Hands down one of the most peaceful things you can do with your horse! Bring a blanket and some of your favorite picnic foods (i.e. fruits, cheeses, cake, etc.) as well as some treats for your pony!

Personally, I like to sit out in the field so your horse can come and go. Plus, it’s over-all just relaxing to watch the horses graze while you’re basking in the sun. Make it a party and bring a friend, dress up, and take pictures! Screams “happiness” to me : -)

Take the fun, scenic route with your horse!

Life is too short to spend your days training hard. Instead, as the weather warms up, go for a scenic ride with your horse! Whether its through the woods or across a big, open field… really take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature.

I probably romanticize life WAY too much, but just take in some big, deep breaths, and go on an adventure! You’re not going to remember trotting around the arena for the one-hundredth time, but you will remember the time you took a break from all of that.

Have a photoshoot!

You know all of those cute, flower bouquet Pinterest photos? Ahhhh you 110% need to re-create some of those with your horse! Put on an outfit that you love, hit up good ol’ Trader Joes, grab your camera, and get to shooting!

I also feel like this one could be combined with the picnic… just add flowers ; -)

Fun things to do with your horse this spring

Make TikToks and/or Reels!

If we’re being completely honest here, my content consistency always drops in the winter… it’s just too cold. And on that note, as the weather warms up, it’s time to start making some fun videos with your horse!

Learn some trendy TikTok dances or make some aesthetic/cinematic Reels at the barn on a warm, sunny day. Some more content ideas: Day in the life, outfit ideas/outfit of the day, horse treat recipes, equestrian exercises, “Equestrians be like…” skits, riding tips, etc.

Try a fun, new discipline with your horse!

As equestrians, it’s often easy to start with one discipline and never branch out or experiment with different ones. If you’re a jumper, try throwing on a Western saddle and go for a long trail ride or try your hand at barrels! You can also try different English disciplines like Cross Country, Endurance, Hunters, etc.

It’s always nice to change it up a bit, so make sure you have fun! I’m sure your pony would also like to something new for once as well!

Fun things to do with your horse this spring
And there ya have it!

There are so many fun activities to try as an equestrian, so be sure to make every barn day count! But hey, typical routine barn days are also good days as long as you’re doing what you love ; -)

Tell me, what are some fun things that you do with your horse?

All the best,

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