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As equestrians, it’s so easy to get caught up in a mundane routine. We go to the barn, grab a horse, canter around for awhile, then hit the road. Despite the undying love for horses, there’s got to be more to this, right? I have a solution: The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box.

Why The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box?

There was a time when I felt the equestrian community was lacking, but I couldn’t quite place my finger on it. We have clothing brands, tack shops, entertainment, and so much more after all… but why does it feel like nothing ever changes?

One sunny afternoon on a warm August day, it all clicked! I thought about all of the DMs I had recently received, explaining confidence drops and bad falls… equestrians need courage.

That’s where it all began. That’s where The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box was born.

The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box
The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box
What makes this subscription box so great?

This box’s sole purpose is to lend a helping hand to young and old, experienced and inexperienced equestrians alike. Whether it’s through sending a word of encouragement, a fun challenge to get you out of your typical barn routine, or simply adding excitement to the week… it’s a box for everyone!

The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box has been carefully curated for the steadfast equestrian, like yourself.

With unwavering curiosity, presented before you is the ultimate tool to aid in your equestrian adventures. It’s a gift you can give yourself (or someone you love)!

This timeless equestrian subscription box will bring you much delight and you’ll feel like you’ve treated yourself to something truly special.”

Unlike your typical equestrian subscription boxes, you’ll never have to worry about receiving everyday, run-of-the-mill products that feel like you just took a trip to Tractor Supply – even though we all love TS. Instead, you’ll experience an array of diverse, high-quality products, as well as challenges that you can perform with your horse.

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The specifics:
  • The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box is a quarterly subscription to which the box will be sent out every 3 months.
  • Every box will contain 5-7 equestrian items for a grand value of $200+
  • With an eye for detail, The Valiant Equestrian team will handpick the products leaving no room for the cookie-cutter feel
  • Each and every box will feature a very special surprise – only available to those who possess the box
The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box
The Valiant Equestrian’s Future…

This isn’t just a box… no, instead it’s a way for you to grow with your horse and grow as an equestrian.

I want every single equestrian, no matter the distance, no matter the age, and no matter the discipline, to feel seen and to feel heard. Help me, in achieving the goal of assisting aspiring horse lovers to fulfill their hopes and dreams… I can’t do it without you : -)

All the best,

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  1. It’s interesting to know that an equestrian subscription box could serve as a helping hand or add excitement to someone’s week. This read made me curious about what it’s like to get one to with products to perform with my pet horse. Maybe I should get an equestrian lifestyle subscription box with high-quality products soon.

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