The Best Helmets for Equestrians!

So you want to get a new helmet, but don’t have a clue on what to get or where to get one? In this post, I’ll be talking about the best helmets for equestrians!

It has been proven (by my own, personal opinion) that the right helmet can give you a lot of confidence at the barn. I always thought that when the time came to upgrade my helmet, that I would finally feel like a real equestrian. I know that’s silly, but it just made sense to me. After all, most newbies didn’t have their dream helmets yet.

For the past 5 years, I’ve always had an Ovation (which is perfectly fine!) but boy o’ boy did that One-K always catch my eye. Howeverrrrr, everything changed on November 17th, 2021.

The week before, I spent a great deal of money in preparation for yours truly, The Valiant Equestrian, to launch. I got new boots and breeches for the product shoot, but on the day of, I realized that all I had was my old Ovation. So just in the knick of time, my mother trudged to the tack store – an hour away – to grab me a new helmet… a rose gold, One-K.

It felt too good to be true. And maybe this isn’t a big deal for some, however, I almost never splurge like that and usually have more pressing expenses than a new helmet. BUT LET ME TELL YA! That helmet fits like a glove and I’m so thankful that I finally have it after all of these years.

The best helmets for equestrians

Now it’s your turn, my friend… we’re going to find you the perfect helmet. So without further ado, here are the BEST helmets for equestrians!

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Helmets for equestrians on a budget!

Maybe you’re just getting into the sport or that monthly board seems like it gets steeper every month. No worries! I’ve got the perfect options for you ; -)

Like I said before, I’ve spent the past 5 years wearing the same model of helmet. And realistically speaking, I’ll still wear said helmet despite owning a One-K – nothing wrong with saving money after all! And at the end of the day, if you end up taking a tumble, you’ll just have to replace that expensive helmet LOL

Here are some options for keeping your melon nice and safe:

The best helmets for equestrians
Ovation Deluxe Schooler

First up, we have the classic Ovation! You can buy it here. Personally, I think that despite its price, it’s a solid helmet. With an adjustable dial in the back to ensure a snug fit, and a removable, washable liner… there are lots of respectable features that make this helmet a fantastic option.

The best helmets for equestrians
IRH International

This IRH helmet would make for a perfect first helmet! You can buy it here. Similar to the Ovation, it has an adjustable dial, a removable liner, and an affordable price point! Be sure to check it out!

Looking to upgrade your helmet?

So you’ve been at it for a while and think that it’s time for an upgrade, huh? Personalllyyyy I think helmet shopping is so fun! Like I said before, I waited a really long time to finally move up in the world (my own little world I guess), and what a day that was!

That being said, I’m still kind of a cheapskate with things that aren’t going to last more than a couple of years… so here are a few helmets that are just a tadddd more expensive!

The best helmets for equestrians
Tipperary Royal Helmet

First, we have the Tipperary™ Royal Helmet. You can buy it here. The classic Tipperary features a high-density ABS shell, a lab-tested EPS liner, 9 air vents, and a secure fit. The cheapest out of the bunch, but doesn’t appear that way! A fantastic helmet for summer rides!

The best helmets for equestrians
Charles Owen Luna

Runner up: the brand new (as of April 2021) Charles Owen Luna Helmet! You can buy it here. This helmet features a 360° ventilation system, a removable liner, an ABS-plastic outer shell, and an EPS inner shell. With a classic, sleek design, I would say that this helmet could definitely be an all-time equestrian favorite in the next up and coming years!

The best helmets for equestrians
One-K Defender

Last, but CERTAINLY not least! We have the One-K Defender Rose Gold Stripe Helmet – A BEAUTY! You can buy it here (or without the rose gold, here). This helmet has several air vents to ensure you won’t get over-heated, as well as dial-free sizing that will fit your head snugly. A bit biased haha, but this one is the real winner.

Signature helmets for equestrians that want to leave a statement

So you’ve been at it for a while and you’re ready for a helmet that will wow your audience? Maybe you’re moving up in the ranks, competing week after week, and now you want something that will make you feel AND look your best – rightfully so!

If you have eye-catching boots, why not an eye-catching helmet after all? Here are some of my favs!

The best helmets for equestrians
Kask Kooki

First and foremost, the Kask Kooki Helmet. You can buy it here. They say that less is more, and this helmet captivates that to the T. “The Kooki Helmet consists of two shells: the lower one in EPS and thermoformed PC and the upper one in ABS, with an injection-molded system”. With fresh air input vents and hot air output vents, an antibacterial, removable liner, this Kask helmet is desirable, to say the least.

The best helmets for equestrians
Samshield Shadowmatt

Secondly, we have the Samshield® Shadowmatt® Helmet. You can buy it here. Personally, if I had the money, I would *maybe* give up my obsession with One-K for a Samshield haha. Such an elegant and sophisticated helmet.

The best helmets for equestrians
Charles Owen Halo

Finally, but just as important: Charles Owen Halo MIPS® Helmet. You can buy it here. Like the Charles Owen Luna, the Halo helmet came out in early 2021 in celebration of Charles Owen’s 110th anniversary. “The Halo has an ABS-plastic outer shell, EPS inner shell, and a sustainably sourced 100% genuine leather harness that closes with a premium quality metallic buckle.” A charming helmet for sure!

Wide-brim helmets!

Let’s be real here: do you ever see the top riders from Florida or California who always wear wide-brim helmets? JEALOUS !! The next helmet I buy may or may not be a wide-brim, but I absolutely love them!

So if you want to LOOK LIKE you’re carefree and actually know what you’re doing… here are some helmets for you ; -)

The best helmets for equestrians
One-K Defender Wide Brim

I’m not even trying to hide my biased-ness but this One K™ Defender Avance Rose Gold Wide Brim Helmet is frankly, beautiful. You can buy it here (or without the rose gold here).

The best helmets for equestrians
Tipperary Windsor Wide Brim

The Tipperary™ Windsor Wide Brim Helmet with MIPS® is lowkey, but stylish. You can buy it here. “The MIPS low-friction layer is proven to reduce rotational motion impact energy. The MIPS low friction liner hangs from the helmet shell with rubber elastomers, just like a hammock, and moves independently from the helmet.” It comes in black matte with black chrome, crocodile, or rose gold!

Remember, safety first!

Wearing a helmet is so important to stay safe as an equestrian! Be sure to pick out a helmet that fits you well and will meet your needs! Check out this article on How to Fit a Helmet!

And there ya have it: the best helmets for equestrians!

Be sure to let me know what your dream helmet is and/or if you own it!

All the best,


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