Holiday Gift Guide for Equestrians!

A little hint: equestrians love to spoil their horses! In this post, I’ll be providing a holiday gift guide for equestrians!

Christmas 2016: I had recently bought my first horse and was excited to see what kind of horsey things my parents got me. I ripped through my gifts and at last… a lunge line appeared in my hands. I know what you’re thinking, “All of that hype for a lunge line?” yes. That lunge line was the first of many gifts from my family for my horse and I still use it to this day!

If you’re wondering what you should get your equestrian friend or family member… don’t overthink it! Literally, any gesture that benefits their horse will be greatly appreciated and valued — trust me!

Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you want to spoil your horsey friend or you don’t have a big budget… here’s the ultimate holiday gift guide for equestrians!

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Horse treats!

Horse treats are such a simple and inexpensive—but thoughtful—gift! Whether you want to purchase handmade treats from a small business, packaged ones that are ready to go, or even make them yourself… horse owners sure like any and all treats that will make their horse’s ears perk.

Equestrian Subscription Box!

Still not sure what to get your horse-loving pal? Gift them with a subscription box and let an equestrian do the work for you!

Equestrian subscription boxes are curated for the everyday equestrian – your friend or family member will LOVE it! Whether you want to give one box or a subscription for the year…

Check out: The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box, a quarterly subscription box!

The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box
The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box

Saddle Pads!

I don’t know a single living, breathing equestrian who wouldn’t squeal in excitement at the sight of a new saddle pad! And believe it or not, I put saddle pads on my birthday and Christmas wishlists every year – I’m not in the minority ; )

If you want to get something that will last a while, Lemieux saddle pads are fantastic quality and they come in just about any color! Equestrians – myself included – love to collect Lemieux and will even spend a pretty penny to get their hands on discontinued colors and patterns.

Riding socks!

Equestrians go through socks faster than you could even say “socks”. Riding socks are fun to collect (not to mention they’re cheap) and if someone gave me a pair for Christmas, I would probably cry.

Here are my favs !!

Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide

Riding Journal!

There are so many things to remember as an equestrian: farrier and vet visits, lessons, monthly budgets, and more! Having a personalized journal that is crafted just for horse owners would make for the perfect gift! Check these out!


Equestrian belts are really cool seeing that they’re typically one-size-fits-all! And if you’re like me, you might have a terrible time guessing sizes. Here are my favorite belts that will leave a statement! ; )

Personalized Bracelet!

“Wearing your heart on your sleeve” has an entirely different meaning when your horse’s name is attached to your wrist. The perfect gift to show your sincerity is a custom equestrian bracelet! You can opt to either put the horses registered or barn name (I personally like the registered names)!

Equestrian Crewnecks!

Crewnecks (or even T-shirts) can be great gifts as even if you don’t get the sizing 100% accurate, you can always get a bigger size for a more oversized fit. There are so many super cute horsey crewnecks that would make Christmas just that much better!

Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide

Tools for Groundwork!

Every horse owner has to do groundwork on the regular, so getting your friend something like a lunge line would make for the perfect, practical gift! Here are some everyday necessities!

Simple, but meaningful gifts!

Sometimes a small, but personal gift is the cherry on top! And for the equestrian who has just about everything for their horse, here are some simple and inexpensive gifts!

And there ya have it, folks: a holiday gift guide for equestrians for every occasion! I know that your horsey friend or family member will absolutely love and cherish any one of these items – so don’t sweat it!

Tell me, which of these products are you going to get??

The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box
The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box

Also, The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box is OUT NOW and on SALE for this week only! Don’t miss out!

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