How to Grow Your Fanbase as an Equestrian Influencer!

A fanbase is the single deciding factor on how far you’ll go on social media. So here’s How to Grow Your Fanbase as an Equestrian Influencer!

Though I have personally grown apart from my equestrian platforms these past couple of years, there was a time where I had some of the best engagement (follow to interaction ratio) I had seen in a long time. This isn’t to boast, rather to illustrate, but after a few months of consistency, I had a 25-40% like-to-follow ratio – which anything above 6% is good engagement.

Learning how to work with both the algorithm and potential follower mindsets, you’ll be rocking and rolling in no time!

How to Grow your Fanbase as an Equestrian Influencer

So without further ado, here’s How to Grow your Fanbase as an Equestrian Influencer!

Set Consistent Expectations for Your Followers

Here’s the deal. Nowadays with so many entertainment options, potential followers aren’t going to be sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for you to post every month or two. It’s a sad truth, but reality all the same.

Instead, setting consistent expectations for your followers will allow them to create this subconscious routine of when they should open Instagram and check for your content.

Whether that’s posting everyday or just the same time every week, get into the habit of sticking to your schedule!

Respond to Every Single Comment

One of my biggest pet peeves? Influencers never responding to comments. Just imagine taking the time to always compliment someone, but they never react or respond? You would probably give it up – and it’s really the same thing for followers.

You might think that it’s celebrity-esque, but in reality, most influencers only have a few thousand followers… and responding to 30 comments is entirely reasonable :))

So as you start to grow your platform, don’t forget about the sweet and supportive friends you have in the comment sections!

Inside Jokes

This one can be difficult to grasp ahold of at first, considering you need engagement and interest firsthand. But having inside jokes with your present followers is an excellent way to keep long-term commitment in your account!

I think we all have that one friend who is witty and makes good pals everywhere they go; have you noticed the trend? Usually it’s unique and recognizable traits or phrases that are captivating, resulting in said company wanting in on the fun.

Better yet, potential followers as they scroll through comment sections might get curious at what everyone else is getting at – and everyone loves to do a little detective work here and there. And hey, maybe they’ll want to join too!

Have Your Followers go out of their Way for YOU

Want to grow your fanbase as an equestrian influencer? Have your followers go out of their way for YOU! This might seem a little counter productive, given my first point; however now that we’ve constructed that consistency, we want to start creating loyalty.

I’ll use any chance I can get to bring up Taylor Swift, but think about how she always launches her music videos at midnight. Fans feel proud and want to tell their friends how they stayed up just to watch as soon as the video was released – they experience loyalty and the unspoken bragging rights that they’re a true fan.

You can utilize this same thing to grow your fanbase. And this really does go hand in hand with those consistent expectations seeing that you want them to be excited in some regard. It can be anything like posting that hyped up video at any given time, or asking them to respond.

Anything that will set the pace for both current followers and potential followers who want to be a part of something great.

Laura Elsie Grace and Theo
And there you have it!

Growing your fanbase as an equestrian influencer takes time, patience, and perseverance – but you’ve got it! Tell me, what are your goals for growing your platforms? Send a comment or join my email list!

All the best,

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