Ways to make MONEY as an Equestrian

With the holidays coming up, it would be nice to have at least a lil $$ in our accounts. Here are ways to make money as an equestrian!

We’ve all been there, most of us at least, where horses can just be crazy expensive… leaving your bank account drained (you think Halloween is scary, try owning a thoroughbred with hoof problems – let me TELL YA). And a lot of times between school and riding your own horse, you just don’t have time to get a real part-time job, which is completely understandable.

I personally started working at my barn earlier this year and absolutely love it! Flexible hours + I get to be around horses, win-win!

Ways to Make Money as an Equestrian

So without further delay… Here are ways to make MONEY as an equestrian!

Become an exercise rider

You don’t have to be a trainer with extensive knowledge to exercise people’s horses a few times a week. Simply ask around your barn – especially during school breaks when people are going on vacation – if anyone needs their horse warmed up here and there. Plus, it gives you extra riding time!

Clean tack to make a lil cash!

That probably sounds better in my head, but I tried haha. Anyway, Cleaning tack is time-consuming at best, but necessary nonetheless. If you’re really good with details, make a quick buck by deep cleaning other equestrians saddles and tack.

Exercise horses

If you’re not confident in your riding abilities, you can still exercise horses. If you know how to lunge, you’ll be good to go! Lot’s of equestrians don’t have time to get out to the barn every day, but would still like for their horse(s) to be worked – the perfect opportunity for you to make more money while doing what you love!

Start a horse treat business

Are you artistic and/or business savvy? Well, I’ve got the perfect job for you! Equestrians love, love, love to spoil their horses and are willing to spend a dime or two to do so. Start with simple treats and then work your way up to designs! There are plenty of treat recipes online that are safe for horse consumption, so get to practicing. Once you have your designs down pat, you can start advertising them through Instagram and Etsy!

Provide grooming services

Especially during show season, some equestrians just don’t have the time to braid their horse’s mane. If you’re stellar at neatly braiding manes, this might be the perfect job for you! Advertise around your barn and see if you can get any catches. I’m sure other equestrians and horse owners would be delighted to have a helping hand.

And there ya have it, folks! There are plenty of ways to make money as an equestrian – you’ve just gotta keep an eye out and be creative!

Tell me, have you ever gotten a job as an equestrian? What did/do you do?

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