The Valiant Equestrian: Subscription Box

It was August 2020 when I first pondered on the idea of starting The Valiant Equestrian. I had always wanted to test the limits of my brand, and this aspiring idea took its liking to my day-to-day life: so I got to work.

How it began…

What exactly made a valiant equestrian? What would be the accomplishment of the mindset, “courage, not confidence”? Through many trials and errors, roadblocks, and red lights, an idea soon became a course of action instead.

Originally, The Valiant Equestrian was going to consist of riding attire – that’s not out of the books just yet ; ) – but I fell short of time and resources and eventually decided to start with something I felt this industry desperately needed: reinforcement of courage and kindness.

The Valiant Equestrian

How could this be done? How could I elevate the equestrian experience entirely?

Months and months passed by as my fingertips grasped idea after idea… leaving nothing to show for it. I had my logo and my website but possessed not a single concept of how and when to bring my efforts to life. And that’s when it hit me, on a chilly September day: The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box.

The last couple of months have been a doozy for sure… drafts and designs, list after list, budgeting, and promotional shoots – can’t forget about the procrastination, then a good ol’ “oh snap!” moment at 2 AM. Nevertheless, we finally made it.

Why The Valiant Equestrian?

I remember when I was 13 years old, frightened to get on my own horse because I lacked the means and resources to bond with him. After a vigorous winter and a drawn-out spring, I climbed into the saddle and took a deep breath. Though I assumed confidence that day, I had no one to help me along the way.

The entirety of my equestrian career has been this way: lonesome. This isn’t a pity party in the slightest, rather, I know there are plenty of young equestrians who have felt the same way and I want to lend a helping hand.

The Valiant Equestrian

This subscription box has been crafted in such a way, that equestrians, such as yourself, will always be gallant – even through rigorous trials and hardships.

The Future…

My hopes and dreams for young and old equestrians alike are that no matter the distance, everyone will feel seen and everyone will feel heard.

This isn’t just a box, it’s a gateway to build and better relationships.

The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box is OUT NOW!

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