Exciting Things to do as an Equestrian THIS Winter!

As the days start to get shorter and the weather quiets down, it’s time to start planning some activities! In this post, I’ll be sharing some exciting things to do as an equestrian THIS winter!

The fall of 2021, I decided to make the up coming season my best winter yet. So I acted on the only reasonable way to do so: horses, tack shopping, and filming videos.

But not only did I plan bucket lists of vain undertakings, I started in the pursuit of The Valiant Equestrian Subscription Box! However, with so little time for such a big project, I scrambled to tack store after tack store for new riding attire and anything else that could be of use for the launch shoot.

Exciting things to do as an equestrian this winter

But without further ado, here are some exciting things to do as an equestrian this winter!

Go on a Tack Shopping Spree!

Look, we do so much for our horses… it’s time to do something nice for ourselves! And I’m not talking about horse treats and saddle pads, no… I’m talking about a tack shopping spree for YOU!

Start saving some money and go try on that pair of breeches you’ve been eye-balling, those Dreamer n’ Schemers socks, or even a cozy winter hat to counteract those barn hair days.

Find a new style!

As you head into a new season and a new year, it seems like a new beginning, or a turning point. Why not have a fresh start as an equestrian as well?

You might think that there’s only so much you can do with equestrian attire, but I assure you that there are a variety of options for the everyday occasion.

Start by creating a Pinterest board! You can save the outfits that you would like to recreate, and then as you go on that tack shopping spree… be on the lookout for similar pieces! And remember, just because it’s frigid outside, does NOT mean you have to dress like you haven’t slept in three days.

Be sure to check out my Equestrian Fashion Pinterest Board!

Bake horse treats!

One of the best things about horse ownership is getting to bond with your horse! What better way to show your affection than by baking some treats just for them?

There are plenty of recipes out there specifically designed for horses, and they’re usually pretty simple to make. You can even get creative and decorate the treats with carrots or apples for an extra special touch. With a little effort, you can whip up something that will put a smile on your horse’s face – and yours too!

Paint or Draw Your Horse!

Let’s be real here: sometimes it’s just too cold outside to saddle up. But still want something exciting to do this winter?

Personally, painting or drawing my horse, Theo, is an activity I engage in fairly often! Not only is it a good use of time and relaxing, but it’s great for the memories! If you don’t consider yourself to be artistic, I would recommend starting with a graph – that way, you only have to look at small sections at a time.

Work towards being a healthier you!

It’s getting to be that time of the year again: “New year, new me!” But I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to wait until January 1st to start improving yourself; in fact, I would recommend that you don’t do that haha.

Instead, start by creating those small habits like drinking water every day, doing short batches of equestrian-focused exercises, and incorporating healthier food choices into your diet. Really, anything that can help you achieve bigger goals, without being destined to fail.

And you might be wondering why something as mundane as drinking water is on this very exciting list, but personally, setting goals and working towards a better me IS an exciting thing to do!

Laura Elsie Grace and Theo
And there ya have it!

I hope you enjoyed this list of exciting things to do as an equestrian THIS winter! Through baking horse treats, getting some winter shopping in, and spending time with yourself… this is going to be the best winter yet – by far!

All the best,

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